Your furniture/car has been seized

Beslag auto inboedel (Your furniture/car has been seized)

The Court Bailiff has just notified you that your furniture/car has been seized.
A judgement has been made awarding damages, or a summons has been issued, against
you, and you have not made a (full) payment. The court bailiff has, therefore, seized your
household belongings and/or your car. An inventory of the goods which have been seized,
and the date on which they will be sold by public auction, will be provided for you by the

Please take note that, before the sale, notices announcing the sale will be placed on your
house or in your local area. An advertisement will also be put in a daily paper, the costs of
which must be met by you.

Your creditor might be willing to enter into a payment arrangement with you, so that the
sale of your goods does not need to take place. The Court Bailiff can tell you if your
creditor is willing to do this.

Please contact the Court Bailiff if you require any information about your rights and

If you have financial problems that you can no longer manage yourself, it is wise to seek
support. Your local district council can advise you about which agency can offer help.

The Court Bailiff