You have been given a legal notice from the court to vacate your house

Aanzegging ontruiming (You have been given a legal notice from the court to vacate your house)

The Court Bailiff has been ordered to evict you from your house. The date of this eviction
is noted on the document that was provided for you by the Court Bailiff.

Evictions take place so that a house may be made available to its owner again. This
means that you and your belongings must be removed.

The Court Bailiff will remove your furniture from the house, but has no further
responsibilities for it. You yourself are responsible for removing it from the street. If your
furniture is left on the street, there is clearly a high risk of it being damaged or stolen.

If you do not take the furniture off the street yourself, the local district council may do this
for you, however your creditor(s) may also do this (with or without force). The policy on
this matter varies a lot from one district to another.

It is sensible, therefore, for you to clear out your household belongings yourself and to do
this before the date given by the Court Bailiff in the document provided for you. You must
hand over the keys of the house to the Court Bailiff.

You might be able to prevent the eviction from taking place by paying off the outstanding
debt. However, that depends on whether or not the creditor is willing to give you
permission to stay in your house.

If the debt has been paid, the Court Bailiff can tell you whether your creditor is willing to
stop the eviction or not. Please contact the Court Bailiff promptly. Do not wait until just
before the announced eviction date before taking any action! The likelihood that you will
be able to stay in your house will not increase and the amount of the claim against you
could be increased with the costs of the evacuation.

Please contact the Court Bailiff if you require any information about your rights and

The Court Bailiff