An attachment has been levied on your bank account

Bankbeslag (An attachment has been levied on your bank account)

The Court Bailiff has just notified you that the assets in your bank account(s) have been
seized. In formal terms, this means that the Court Bailiff has served a writ of execution
against you on behalf of a third party.

Everything that is held in your bank account(s), without exception, is included in a seizure
of assets, unless a garnishment has already been made on your wages. Any income
derived from benefits which are not, in principle, subject to seizure, such as child benefits
and student grants, are included in this seizure. Payments that are made into your bank
account (s) after the seizure are not included.

The bank usually responds to a seizure by freezing the account. You should, therefore,
contact your bank as soon as possible to organise access to your bank account. If you are
in acute financial difficulty, you can ask your creditor to revoke or restrict the seizure.
However you should keep in mind that your creditor may be unwilling to do this.

Please contact the Court Bailiff if you require any information about your rights and

If you have financial problems that you can no longer manage yourself, it is sensible to
seek support. Your local district council can advise you about which agency can offer

The Court Bailiff